Basement Waterproofing

Transform your basement into a dry and livable space with our professional basement waterproofing services. We comprehend the unique challenges posed by water intrusion and moisture in basements. Our expert team utilizes advanced waterproofing methods, including both interior and exterior systems, to effectively seal your basement and maintain its dryness. Rely on us for a reliable solution that enhances the functionality and value of your basement.

Method of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Trying to seal the crack after the formation of a crack of a foundation wall. It can be done at inside or outside. It is not only costly but also ineffective.
  2. Moisture resistant flashings or coatings can be a solution but Moisture-resistant flashings or coatings tend to fracture and tear due to building expansion, settling, and careless installation.
  3. By setting a plywood board against the foundation wall before the pouring of concrete slab water can be drained from the interior of the basement. Then the board is removed while the concrete is still "green' and not completely set. But this procedure has some disadvantages:
  • it causes damage to the edge of the concrete floor;
  • it results in additional labor costs,
  • it may cause the concrete floor to shift.