Stairs Repair & Building

When it comes to maintaining the safety and functionality of your stairs and buildings, our expert masonry services are here to help. Our skilled team specializes in stairs and building repair, addressing issues such as loose steps, damaged handrails, and structural concerns. Using high-quality materials and advanced techniques, we provide durable and long-lasting repairs that ensure the stability and aesthetics of your property. Trust our experienced masons to restore your stairs and buildings to their former glory. Contact us today for reliable and professional masonry repair services.

Steps for Fixing a Stair Tread

Inject carpenter's glue into the crack, then wiggle tread to work glue down into the crack. Smear glue onto tapered dowels, and then tap them into the holes with a hammer. Wipe off excess glue with a clean, damp cloth. File the ends of the dowels flush with the stair tread.